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Partnership to enhance livelihoods and social inclusion of marginalised young people dependent on the informal economy

04/07/2018 - 16:40

The objective is to contribute to poverty reduction and exclusion among vulnerable groups dependant on the informal sector in Tanzania.


Total Cost (EUR): 3 874 980.66

EU contracted amount (EUR): 3 099 984.53

Duration: March 2015 - February 2018

Implementing organisation: PLAN INTERNATIONAL (UK) LBG

Funding Instrument: European Development Fund (EDF)

Benefitting zone: Tanzania


STORY: Employment opportunities and economic empowerment for vulnerable youth in Tanzania


"I am thankful to the YEE project for the opportunities it offered me. With a little more welding education and machinery, I should be able to weld bigger and better items."

Shomari Salum, YEE course attendee




This 3-year EU funded project, 'Partnership to enhance livelihoods and social inclusion of marginalised young people dependent on the informal economy - YEE' began in 2015. It was set up to improve and increase access to employment opportunities and promote economic empowerment for vulnerable youth in Tanzania.


  • The project that targets 10,132 marginalised youth is implemented by Plan International and VSO, in partnership with Uhamasishaji Hifadhi Kisarawe (UHIKI), Community Development & Relief Trust (CODERT) and Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) in five regions.


  • The project has so far reached around 2030 young people out of whom many have already reported that they have begun enjoying the fruits of the vocational skills they have acquired.


Shomari Salum braving from zero to hero

Shomari, 22, lives with his farmer parents and his two younger siblings.  He dropped out of school after Standard seven and has a one-year old baby boy. He is separated from the mother of his child.  Having heard about YEE courses from an advertisement in his ward, he signed up to the welding course.

He excelled on his YEE course and discovered many opportunities in welding.  He belongs to both an Income Generating Association (IGA).  and Youth Saving and Loan Association (YSLA)  group; participating to these groups allowed him to surmount the challenges of only getting small welding jobs and having the possibility to take a loan. This enabled him to establish his own welding workshop where he is also training and employing other young people from the community. 

Shomari is well known in his area and his workshop located at a busy crossroads is busy every day, with earnings of approximately 1 million TSh per month.  His ambitions are to grow his business to a bigger entity in the area.


  • Project duration: March 2015 - Feb 2018


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