Zyra e Bashkimit Evropian në Kosovë
Përfaqësuesi i Posaçëm i Bashkimit Evropian në Kosovë

Securing marine biodiversity through sustainably-financed and community-managed marine areas in coastal Mozambique

21/06/2017 - 15:39
Environment and Climate Action

The action will establish 5 best-practice Community-managed marine areas (CMMA) between Rovuma River and Mocímboa da Praia and will operate through Conselhos Comunitários de Pesca (CCP). The action will incentivise and sustain management of CMMA through the establishement of a PES-based trust-fund and mobilisation of private funds from tourism operators, gas companies and other private actors.

The action will support the development of sustainable livelihoods by establishing Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) and helping to create market linkages and provide technical training in tried and tested approaches. Monitoring of biophysical condition of marine resources and socioeconomic indicators using a Before-After-Control-Impact design that builds on existing data from TRANSMAP and the partner's previous work in the area provides an opportunity to evaluate impacts of the action. The time frame is 5 years.


Total Cost (EUR): 2 491 088,61

EU contracted amount (EUR): 1 992 870,89

Duration: November 2013 - November 2018

Implementing organisation: ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON

Funding Instrument: DCI - Environment and sustainable management of natural resources including energy

Benefitting zone: Mozambique

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