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EU in Kosovo Launches Education Campaign and opens new Info Centre in Mitrovica North

Mitrovica, 07/05/2018 - 16:11, UNIQUE ID: 180508_17
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EU in Kosovo Launches Education Campaign on Quality Education in South Mitrovica and Opens new Info Centre in North Mitrovica

The Head of EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative Nataliya Apostolova, launched yesterday, Monday 7 May 2018, at IBCM College (South Campus) in Mitrovica South the Education campaign, the first of the EU campaigns on the EU assistance to Kosovo.

Ambassador Apostolova accompanied by the Director of the International Business College of Mitrovica (IBCM), Ms. Mihone Kerolli – Mustafa, addressed the invited students and EU beneficiaries noticing that European Union is continuously supporting the improvement of the education system in Kosovo, with infrastructure, teachers' and principals' training, scholarships and participation in EU programmes such as ERASMUS in order to improve the quality of education.

"Schooling is not only buildings. It is good textbooks, it is trained teachers. In Kosovo the young population is predominant. Kosovo has a lot of potential, which has to be used in the right way. Young generations need to be able to speak to each other, to promote mutual understanding. Kosovo needs to show its commitment to the quality improvement of its education system" said the Head of EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative Nataliya Apostolova.

During the meeting, the students and participants from academia, as well as beneficiaries from the EU programmes enjoyed the opportunity to put many questions to the Ambassador on acceleration of students' programmes exchange between Kosovo and European Union universities and on the reforms the education system in Kosovo needs.

The Deputy Mayor of Mitrovica South, Mr. Faruk Mujka, and professors and students from Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North, took part in the event.

During the next six weeks, the EU in Kosovo will organise different events related to the EU assistance to education. .The EU has been supporting Kosovo’s education reforms through the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), including support to vocational skills according to labour market demands and expanding scholarship schemes. Over the next few years the EU will double its investment in education, amounting to some 35 million euro.  

University lectures and debates will be organised as part of Erasmus Days in the main cities around Kosovo, with stakeholders and beneficiaries from EU programmes talking about quality education and improvement of schooling at all levels in Kosovo. The campaign will include a #velfie digital campaign and several cultural activities.

Furthermore, the “EU Teach a day” will bring EU member states Ambassadors talk to pupils about European path, education and teaching.

Later during the day, Ambassador Apostolova inaugurated premises of the new EU Information and Cultural Centre in North Mitrovica. During the opening, Ambassador Apostolova awarded the prize to the winners of the Poster Competition on Education Mr. Srdjan Conic. The winner was chosen among the 32 applicants for the competition.   

Investment in education is investment in the future and it is crucial for jobs and overall progress in society. Quality education is essential for a productive labour force, which contributes to the economic growth and development.

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