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Press release by EU Office/EUSR, EULEX and EU Heads of Mission

Pristina, 27/11/2017 - 15:44, UNIQUE ID: 171127_13
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Press release by EU Office/EU Special Representative, EULEX and EU Heads of Mission in Kosovo

Kosovo has a European perspective. But the pace of Kosovo’s EU rapprochement clearly depends on the pace at which it implements reforms in all relevant fields, in particular in the area of the rule of law and fundamental rights. A functioning, effective multiparty parliamentary democracy is essential in Kosovo in order to enable Kosovar lawmakers to make these much-needed reforms. It is important that the democratic processes are followed, that the parliament meets regularly and frequently, that it functions properly and effectively, and the rule of law is upheld. We expect all elected representatives to act responsibly and implement priorities that reflect the will of the people without needless further delay.

In relation to the second round of the municipal elections, the EU is closely monitoring all current developments and expects all political actors to act responsibly, for the sake of the Kosovo people.

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