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Support to the Kosovo Judicial Council / Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Catalogue of Recommendations

The Project ‘Support to the Kosovo Judicial/Prosecutorial Council’ was in its third year of implementation when the first version of the Catalogue of Recommendations was elaborated by the Project, discussed with and adopted by the KJC and KPC, and then distributed to all stakeholders in July 2014.

This was the right time to strike a balance, and to ascertain what had been achieved in regard to the scope of the Project and what still needed to be addressed.

The Project was extended in October 2014 for 18 months, at which time new activities were included in the Project Plan.

As of this writing, the Project is at the end of the second implementation phase (October 2014-April, 2016), and the first version of the Catalogue of Recommendations was reviewed and revised according to the level of the implementation of the recommendations. Thus, the Project hereby provides the KJC and KPC with a revised version of the Catalogue containing a new column “Final comments - February 2016”. The updated version of the Catalogue aims to show the current status of the implementation of each recommendation, thereby supporting the Councils in their further activities for implementation of the recommendations.

Here is the report:

Summary of the final report on the EU project "Support to the Kosovo Judicial Council and to the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council"


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