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Freedom of Expression through the Lens

31/08/2017 - 00:00
Voices and views

Miljana Milic wins 'Freedom of Expression through the Lens' photo competition

What is the freedom of speech and how it looks like through the lens? Dozens of young people portrayed it through a photo competition organized by the EU Information and Cultural Center (EUICC) in North Mitrovica announced in early August. The best twelve photographs were presented on Wednesday, 30 August, at the EUICC. Miljana Milic from Mitrovica was awarded the winner of the competition.

"In her photo dominated by dark and gloomy background, there is a cage and orange flower in the mouth of a girl. The message is double", says the jury.

"You want to say something nice and come up with some kind of ban. She pointed out that everyone should express themselves both freely," said Aleksandra Negovanovic, a jury member who along with her colleague Miljana Bulatovic chose the winning photo.

Certificates were also given to the other 11 authors which participated in the competition, all presented by Boyd Mckechnie, on behalf of the European Union in Kosovo/EU Special Representative.

It's obvious that young people link politics with freedom of speech, said Mckechnie.

"Some of you have tried to show that you cannot speak freely. Such an impression is given by photographs. We should strive to live in a society where everyone can do what he wants, and within the limits allowed", he added.

Young people between 18 to 30 years of age were eligible to participate in the competition. The exhibition of photographs is open for the next two weeks at the EUICC in Mitrovica North.

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