European Union Office in Kosovo 
European Union Special Representative in Kosovo

Statement by Apostolova upon certification of 11 June election results

08/07/2017 - 14:11

Statement by Nataliya Apostolova, Head of the EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative, upon certification of 11 June election results

"I commend the Kosovo people for an orderly conduct of elections which took place on 11 June, and the Central Election Commission for the professional manner in which they carried out their duties. I also urge the responsible institutions to take seriously the recommendations by the EU Election Observation Mission and implement them accordingly.

It is now the responsibility of the political leaders to listen to their citizens, and form a stable government which will serve the interest of the people.

Kosovo faces many challenges, from high unemployment and low performing education system, to corruption and weak rule of law, which remain an impediment to attracting sustainable investment to develop the economy. It is therefore crucial that the political leaders take these challenges seriously, form a strong government and embark upon the reforms that the people demand.

Federica Mogherini, High Representative/Vice President of the European Commission, hosted this week in Brussels an informal meeting with the Presidents of Serbia and Kosovo. This, once again, reconfirms the commitment of the EU for the EU perspective of Kosovo and Serbia. We expect implementation of the agreements reached in the Dialogue without delay.

The EU will continue to assist the people of Kosovo. Through the Stabilisation and Association Agreement and related instruments, the EU has provided a political, economic and legislative framework for reforms to take root. Through its IPA support, the EU provides generous financial assistance to support these efforts and enhance improvements throughout Kosovo.

Regardless of who forms the new government, the EU expects a speeding up and adherence to the EU reform agenda. Kosovo has a clear European perspective. The people of Kosovo expect responsible leadership that will make important advances along the European path. It is now up to those leaders to deliver.”