European Union Office in Kosovo
European Union Special Representative in Kosovo

Statement by the EU Office/EU Special Representative regarding possible changes to the Kosovo Criminal Code

The EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative is concerned about Kosovo authorities' intention to amend the Criminal Code of Kosovo with new provisions on libel and defamation.

This goes against the international trend to repeal criminal defamation laws. A number of EU members or potential members, including Kosovo, have done away with criminal defamation and insult, and several others have taken important steps in that direction. Decriminalisation of libel and defamation in Kosovo was reported as progress in European Commission's Report in 2013. Kosovo civil legislation provides sufficient safeguards against defamation and libel.

The EU in Kosovo calls on Kosovo authorities to continue to adhere to the existing principles of guaranteeing the freedom of expression enshrined in Kosovo's Constitution, which is aligned with best European standards.

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