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"We are all part of a team" - Federica Mogherini addresses EEAS staff

04/11/2014 - 00:00
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On her first day in office High Representative/Vice President Federica Mogherini spent almost two hours discussing her priorities for the next five years with her staff. The new HR/VP used this opportunity to have a direct exchange of ideas on how to go forward.

HRVP Federica Mogherini addresses EEAS Staff

"We are all part of a team" she said to a full house of EEAS and FPI staff from Brussels headquarters as well as to thousands of staff in EU delegations who followed via livestream.

The new High Representative/Vice President spoke about the challenges that lie ahead: "If we look at the crises that surround us, it is clear that we need to act responsibly in our neighbourhood, but also globally." She particularly stressed the need for all institutions to come together to find effective solutions: "The only effective way to deal with the challenges we face is to work together." This would involve first of all a common mindset: "We need to think and act in terms of "us", the European Union and not individual institutions." Mogherini also encouraged her staff to come to the table with fresh ideas. "This is a new start" she said, and "I count on your ideas".

In closing, the new High Representative/Vice President said that despite the formidable challenges ahead, she was looking forward to the next five years. "I can feel the energy in this room today", she said. "We have the opportunity to show that the European Union is something unique and beautiful. I feel privileged to work with you to make the European dream come true."

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