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EU Office/EU Special Representative statement on the Law on the execution of penal sanctions

Kosovo, 20/03/2017 - 17:19, UNIQUE ID: 170320_11
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Press Release on the Law on the execution of penal sanctions

PRISTINA, 20 March 2017 - With regard to the Law on the execution of penal sanctions, the EU firmly supports the draft law, the main purpose of which is to remove from the executive the power to suspend the execution of sentences, making them subject to the independent and transparent judicial review. We call on the Assembly to move as quickly as possible with the adoption of this law. The EU contributed to the drafting of that law and from the onset supported the initiative of the Ministry of Justice in this regard. At the same time we strongly oppose the amendment that was proposed at the last moment at the Assembly which introduces a new provision the purpose of which is the automatic reduction of already imposed sentences by 1/3. This amendment goes against the rule of law principles, undermining legal certainty and questioning in practice the decisions of the sentencing judges. The EU remains fully committed to further strengthening of the rule of law in Kosovo and to working together with Kosovo authorities and our international partners in that effort.

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