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12/05/2016 - 11:43
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European Commission projects in Kosovo, covering areas such as governance and education, water and energy, human rights and security.

The EU programme of financial assistance supports Kosovo’s ambitious reform agenda. More than 280 EU-funded projects managed by the EU Office are currently being carried out across a wide-range of sectors, regions and cities in Kosovo. The EU assistance is focused on fulfilment of the EU political criteria, including strengthening the rule of law and support for public administration reform, the communities, culture, media and the youth and sports; on wider socio-economic issues, including trade and regional development, education and employment, support for the tax administration and agriculture; on capacity building, the approximation of legislation and flanking measures on European standards, as identified in the European Partnership, including support for the environment, transport and energy. EU funding for projects in Kosovo is provided in the form of grants and contracts.

IPA programmes per component in Kosovo

Below are presented some of the projects under different sectors implemented by the EU Office in Kosovo:

Rule of law

  1. Support to Civil Registration Agency and Unified Address System -

Public administration reform

  1. EU Scholarship Scheme  -
  2. Technical Assistance to further development of Kosovo's trade policy -

Private-sectorand  economic development

  1. EU KOSVET VI-Development of Vocational and In-Company Training Schemes and Development of Entrepreneurship Scheme
  2. Regional Development Agency – Center –
  3. Regional Development Agency – North -
  4. Regional Development Agency – West -
  5. Regional Development Agency – East -
  6. Regional Development Agency – South -
  7. Promoting Energy efficiency and renewables in Kosovo -
  8. Beautiful Kosovo -

Agricultural, Food Safety and Environment


Support for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development and in implementing the Agricultural and Rural Development Programme (ARDP) -



Agricultural Land Pollution Survey



Institutional support to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) of Kosovo -



Local Development Strategies

PDF iconfinal report


Water supply from the Iber-Lepenc hydro system for the proposed Kosovo C power plant

PDF iconfinal report


Institutional support to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and River Basin Authorities

Filefinal report


Feasibility Study on Drinking Water Quality in Kosovo

PDF iconfinal report


Further support to land use

Filefinal report


Flood Risk Management for ‘Morave e Binces’


Agricultural Land Pollution Survey (ALPS) in Kosovo

PDF iconfinal report


Institutional Support to Water and Waste Regulatory Office

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Institutional Support to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

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Support for MESP in Water Management and Monitoring of Water Resources

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Support Waste Management in Kosovo

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Sewerage and Wastewater SMP for the West Morava River Basin

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