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European Joint Cooperation Strategy with Kenya

14/11/2018 - 07:06

European Joint Cooperation Strategy with Kenya 2018 -2022


The European Union and Kenya have a long-standing partnership spanning development, economic, security and political cooperation. Development cooperation is a key pillar of this comprehensive partnership and a central part of our political dialogue.

Our partnership with Kenya is founded on common principles and mutual commitment to sustainable development. To achieve shared Kenyan and European values, we must create synergies, coordinate responses and measure progress.

The European Joint Cooperation Strategy 2018-2022 aims to achieve this through setting out how the EU and its Member States present in Kenya intend to come together to jointly plan, implement and monitor EU development cooperation with Kenya. The strategy is fully aligned to Kenya’s national development plans and outlines which sectors the joint response will be directed to and the objectives that we all hope to achieve.

Kenya is at a turning point, marked by the need to consolidate and strengthen economic growth, the rule of
law and democratic governance to fulfil its Vision 2030. We are proud to present a Joint Cooperation Strategy that will adapt the EU’s approach to best reflect Kenya’s lower middle-income status while addressing the major inequalities and development challenges that persist across the country. It is wholly based on the universal values of the EU which promote democracy, equality, the rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights.

This Joint Cooperation Strategy will give us the opportunity to define a clear and coherent division of labour across sectors as well as enhance joint coordination efforts and policy dialogue with government and other important players. The implementation of the strategy will help us identify gaps and overlaps to make our development efforts
more effective.

We trust that this Joint Cooperation Strategy will provide a significant contribution to achieving Kenya’s development goals, to enhancing the EU-Kenya partnership and to meeting the needs and aspirations of all Kenyan citizens.

H.E. Stefano A. Dejak
EU Ambassador to Kenya

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