Delegation of the European Union to Kenya

European Film Festival in Kenya, 2018

24/04/2018 - 08:53

"The European Film Festival brings European cinema to a broad range of audiences in Kenya. This is a great opportunity for Kenyans to experience another Europe that they don’t often get to see." Nyambura M. Waruingi (Festival Curator)

Train Driver's Diary

Although the main (May 2018) festival is over, it's not simply a case of "Goodbye and see you next year" because we're continuing occasional screenings of European films throughout the year at various venues in Kenya.

If you're interested in partnering with or sponsoring the European Film Festival, please contact us at:

or via the festival's Facebook page.

Andy, Beatrice, Dianella and Elisabeth

The following is the final version of the European Film Festival in Kenya 2018 webpage:

Update (28 May) on additional screenings:

"I Am Not A Witch" will be screened at 8pm on 29 May at The Alchemist (preceded by virtual reality films, from about 4pm).

"Kati Kati" will be screened at 8pm on 5 June at The Alchemist.

It’s with great pleasure that we invite aficionados of European and Kenyan cinema - and the broader Nairobi public - to this year’s European Film Festival, the 27th year that the festival is being held in Kenya. The films provide a window into the diversity of people's lives in Europe, and the wide variety on offer at this year's festival means that between them there's something to appeal to all tastes and ages.

This year we're looking to broaden the festival beyond the film screenings themselves. The festival's curator Nyambura M. Waruingi is doing this by programming the films in conversation with each other, together with related side-events. For example, on Europe Day (9 May) the Goethe Institute will screen "Losers & Winners", "Europe At Sea", and "The Wait". These films examine different aspects of migration in Europe, and there'll also be a panel discussion about the theme. The festival programme also includes events aimed at participants in Kenya's film industry. These include workshops with the Script-Writers' Guild and master-classes on various challenges facing the industry.

Running for most of the month of May, this year's festival will screen some fifty films originating from twenty European countries as well as from Kenya. Dialogue will be in the original languages of the films, with English subtitles for the non-English-language films. Almost all of the festival will be open to the general public. The main exceptions will be the opening and closing nights, on Friday 4 May and Saturday 26 May. For public screenings, entry will be completely free of charge.

The festival is organised jointly by the Embassies of the participant European countries and the EU Delegation to Kenya. The festival has benefited hugely from the support of stakeholders from across Kenya's film industry, including both the official national authorities (the Kenya Film Classification Board and the Kenya Film Commission) and leading film-makers. We're also grateful to Buehler Limited for sponsoring the festival. In addition the venues for the festival are not only locations for screenings: they're also partners in it, and are helping to promote the festival as well as making their spaces available for the festival at reduced cost or completely free of charge. Most of the films to be screened have been kindly made available by the Embassies of the participant European countries, who are also providing financial support to the festival.

Kindly note that more information will be added over the coming weeks and that a few details may change, so if you're planning to go to the festival then please come back to this page to check for updates. Updates after 7 May are shown in red.

You can also now download a printable pdf version of the festival programme (including details of individual films, and messages from the diplomatic missions and from the festival curators, as well as the info below).

Picture: from "Train Driver's Diary" (screening at 20h00 on 23 May at the Goethe Institut)




Friday 4 May - Michael Joseph Centre

Opening - Private Event


Sunday 6 May - Michael Joseph Centre

10:00          Workshops

14:00          The Ice Dragon (Martin Hogdahl, 2012, 80mins, Sweden)

15:30          T.I.M. (Rolf van Eijk, 2014, 90mins, Netherlands)

17:15          Smartphone short films (Kenya)

18:30          Kidnapped (Nick Njache, 2017, 83mins, Kenya)


Monday 7 May - Metta

17:30         Short and Sweet: Here and There (2010, 85mins, Germany)

19:00         Virtual Reality Showcase


Tuesday 8 May - The Alchemist


Daytime     Animation showcase (Kenya)

19:00          Short and Sweet: Worldly and Otherworldly (2010, 84mins, Germany)

20:30          Alois Nebel (Tomas Lunak, 2011, 84 mins, Czech Republic)


Wednesday 9 May - Goethe Institut

14:15           Smartphone short films (Kenya)

16:00           Short films (2012, 60mins, Netherlands)

17:00           Losers and Winners (U.Franke/M. Loeken, 2006, 96mins, Germany)

18:45           Europe at Sea (Annalisa Piras, 2018, 60mins)

20:20           The Wait (Emil Langballe, 2016, 58mins, Denmark)


Thursday 10 May - August 7th Memorial Park

15:00           Smartphone short films (Kenya)

16:15           Wazi FM (Vincenzo Cavallo, 2014, 62mins, Italy/Kenya)

19:00           Kati Kati (Mbithi Masya, 2016, 75mins, Germany/Kenya)

20:15           Q&A with director, producers, actors


Friday 11 May - National Museum

10:00           Workshops

XX:XX           The Best of All Worlds (A. Goinginger, 2017, 103mins, Austria)

XX:XX           I am not a Witch (Rungano Nyoni, 2017, 93mins, UK)

XX:XX           A Girl, the Mother and the Demons (S. Osten, 2016, 93mins, Sweden)

Screenings of the three films scheduled weren't possible on 11 May due to technical problems. (Other films were screened instead.) We’re very sorry to those of you who came all that way and were  unable to see the films you were hoping to! The Best of All Worlds was screened on 13 May, and the others are expected to be screened later in the festival.


Saturday 12 May - National Museum

10:00           Workshops

15:00           Great Grandad’s Tall Tales (T.M. Rostboll/L. Glob, 2016, 10mins, Denmark)

15:45           Obaba (Montxo Armendariz, 2005, 112mins, Spain)

17:45           Ma Vie de Courgette (C. Barras, 2016, 66mins, Switzerland)

19:00           Love Likes Coincidences (O. F. Sarok, 2011, 118mins, Turkey)


Sunday 13 May - National Museum

10:00           Workshops

15:00           Sputnik (Markus Dietrich, 2013, 130mins, Germany)

17:30           Anniversary (Dan Chisu, 2017, 86mins, Romania)

19:00           The Best of All Worlds (A. Goinginger, 2017, 103mins, Austria) - replacing Kati Kati


Monday 14 May - Goethe Institut

Virtual reality screenings with Q&A (now confirmed)

13:00           Let This Be A Warning (Jim Chuchu, 2017, Kenya)

                     Nairobi Berries (Ng'endo Mukii, Kenya)

                     Q&A with directors and producers

16:00           We will be World Champions (D. Bajic, 2015, 70mins, Serbia)

18:20           A Separation (Karin Ekberg, 2014, 70mins, Sweden)

19:45           On the Way to School (O. Dogan/O. Eskikoy, 2009, 81min, Turkey)


Tuesday 15 May - The Alchemist

19:00           Northbound (J. N. Ranum, 2015, 11mins, Norway)

19:15           In Order of Disappearance (HP. Moland, 2014, 118min, Norway)


Wednesday 16 May - Alliance Française

17:00           The House (Zuzanna Liova, 2011, 97mins, Slovakia)

19:00           Cine Café: The Cut (Peter Wangugi Gitau, 63mins, Kenya), followed by Q&A on participatory filmmaking

21:00           Chocolate City (Samuel Karanja, 85mins, Kenya),


Thursday 17 May - The Alchemist

19:00           Short and Sweet: Dreams and Demons (2010, 74mins, Germany)

20:30           O Apostolo (Fernando Cortizo, 2012, 80mins, Spain)


Friday 18 May - Alliance Française

10:00           Workshops

14:00           Fair Play (Andrea Sediackova, 100mins, Slovakia)

16:00           18 Hours (Kevin Njue, 2017, Kenya)

19:00           Cine Concert with Omutibo (Gonzalo Guajardo, 2018, Spain)


Saturday 19 May - Alliance Française

10:00           Workshops

14:00           In the Name of Peace (M. Fitzpatrick, 2017, 80mins, Ireland)

15:30           Operacao Angola (Diana Andringa, 2015, 116mins, Portugal)

18:30           Toni Erdmann (Maren Ade, 2016, 160mins, Germany), followed by Q&A with Film Editor Heike Parplies


Sunday 20 May - Alliance Française

10:00           Workshops

15:00           My Auntie’s Tales (T Mygind Rostboll, 2017, 10mins, Denmark)

17:00           Animals And Other People (F. Marchetti, 2017, 88mins, Austria) - replacing The Best of All Worlds

19:00           The Corporate (Nicolas Silhol, 2017, 95mins, France)


Monday 21 May - The Bus

Virtual reality screenings with Q&A

13:00           Let This Be A Warning (Jim Chuchu, 2017, Kenya)

                     Nairobi Berries (Ng'endo Mukii, 2017, Kenya)

                     Q&A with directors and producers

19:00           Northbound (J. N. Ranum, 2015, 11mins, Norway)

19:15           Animation showcase (Kenya)

20:15           Smartphone short films (Kenya)


Tuesday 22 May - The Alchemist

19:00           Ma Vie de Courgette (C. Barras, 2016, 66mins, Switzerland)

20:15           The Other Side of Hope (A. Kaurismaki, 2017, 100mins, Finland)

22:00           The Corporate (Nicolas Silhol, 2017, France)


Wednesday 23 May - Goethe Institut

13:00           Hell of '63 (Steven de Jong, 2009, 108mins, Netherlands)

15:00           Short films

The Words We Do Have Yet (Phoebe Boswell, UK, 2017)

A Mine (Beverley bennett, UK, 2017)

Mel's Lament (Nicola Thomas, UK, 2017)

Something Said (Jay Bernard, UK, 2017)

18:00           Rozyczka (Jan Kidawa-Bolonski, 118mins, Poland)

20:00           Train Driver's Diary (Milos Radovic, 90mins, Serbia)


Thursday 24 May - The Alchemist

19:00           Animation showcase (Kenya)

19:45           Smartphone short films (Kenya)

21:00           Perfect Strangers (dir. Paolo Genovese, 2016, 97mins, Italy)


Friday 25 May - National Theatre

10:00           Workshops

15:00           Short & Sweet: He and She (2010, 88mins, Germany)

17:00           Wazi FM (Vincezno Cavallo, 62mins, Italy/Kenya), followed by Q&A with director, producers and actors

19:00           Una Pistola en Cada Mano (Cesc Gay, 2012, 95mins, Spain)


Saturday 26 May - National Theatre

14:00           Sanctuary (Len Collin, 2017, 97mins, Ireland)

Closing ceremony - Private Event


Sunday 27 May - National Theatre

10:00           Workshops

14:00           Iqbal Farooq  (T. Harkamp, 2015, 90mins, Denmark)

15:30           Jose and Pilar (M. G. Mendes, 117mins, Portugal)

18:00           New Moon (Philippa Ndisi-ermann, 2018, Kenya)




Michael Joseph Centre

Waiyaki Way (close to junction with James Gichuru Road), Westlands (Spring Valley) area

0722 005890

Directions: From the junction of James Gichuru Road, take Waiyaki Way towards the city centre. The Michael Joseph Centre (aka Safaricom House) is on the left, after passing the Aga Khan High School.



6/F Belgravia Suite 6A, 14 Riverside

off Riverside Drive, Westlands area

Directions: 14 Riverside is on a turning off the short section of Riverside Drive that's between the Parklands Ring Road and Waiyaki Way. If going uphill from Waiyaki Way it's on the right, or if going downhill towards Waiyaki Way it's on your left.


The Alchemist

Parklands Road (just behind Kwik Fit), Westlands area

Directions: Travelling away from the city centre, the Alchemist bar is on the last (one-way) section of Parklands Road before it reaches the Sarit Centre. The entry is through a gate on the left of Parklands Road just after the junction with Lower Kabete Road (right).

0727 591116


Goethe Institut

3 Monrovia Street (Maendeleo House), Central Business District area

Directions: From Monrovia Street's junction with Utalii Lane, follow Monrovia Street a short way. The entrance to the Goethe Institut is on the right (opposite the shopping centre where the IEBC's Anniversary Towers offices are).

+254 20 2224640


August 7th Memorial Park

Corner of Moi Avenue and Haile Selasie Avenue, Central Business District area


National Museum

Museum Hill

Directions: From the Forest Road end of Museum Hill, the museum's main entrance is on the left before reaching the bridge over Waiyaki Way. The screenings will be in the Louis Leakey Auditoreum, which is to the left after you've come through the entrance.



Alliance Française

5 Utalii Lane, Central Business District area

Directions: Alliance's entrance is on Utalii Lane, close to its junction with Monrovia Street.

020 4917 000/ 0735338888/ 0724714680


The Bus

General Mathenge Lane, Westlands (Spring Valley) area

Directions: From its crossroads with Peponi Road (up the hill from the Westgate Centre area), follow General Mathenge Drive away from the city centre. General Mathenge Lane is the second road on the right. From General Mathenge Drive, go along the lane until you see a red gate on the right. The bus is in the courtyard behind the gate.


National Theatre

Harry Thuku Road, Westlands (University of Nairobi) area

Directions: From Uhuru Highway, take University Way and then turn left into Harry Thuku Road. Go past the University of Nairobi campus on the left and the Norfolk/Fairmont hotel on the right of the road. The National Theatre is shortly afterwards, on the left side of Harry Thuku Road.

0726 008677


For further questions, please contact:

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