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The Blue Book 2021 is out!

11/06/2021 - 07:28
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We are pleased to announce the digital publication of the Blue Book 2021, highlighting achievements and a way forward in the EU Kenya Partnership

The “Blue Book“ is the annual report on development cooperation between the EU and its Member States – Team Europe – and Kenya. The book gives an overview of the 2020 cooperation results focusing on impact stories that show how the EU-Kenya partnership is making a difference in people’s lives. The Blue Book also highlights new approaches for moving forward together and thus achieving national and global development goals.

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Team Europe is an important partner for Kenya’s development cooperation in the commitment to achieve the country’s national priorities and move towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals. The Blue Book contains information about the EU, Team Europe and the changing nature of the EU-Kenya relation towards an equal partnership based on mutual interests and common ground, embracing new approaches to jointly addressing today’s global challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity loss.   

The Blue Book presents an overview of the EU-Kenya development cooperation in 2020 including important facts and figures and a number of stories that show how the EU -Kenya partnership is leading to tangible outcomes. Some of the key projects covered in the Blue Book are in the areas of resilience building, telling stories of climate smart solutions and resilient agriculture that enhance food security, diversify livelihoods and value chains and promote the sustainable management of natural resources. Other stories are linked to strengthening effective governance, including progress made in devolution, access to justice, respect for the rule of law, human rights and freedom of expression.  

One focus is on the joint efforts of the Team Europe-Kenya partnership to create jobs – in particular for women and young people - through fostering sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth that has the potential to create quality livelihoods for all. The Blue Book also contains successful examples of sustainable infrastructure in the energy and water sector, in affordable housing and sustainable transportation.

The EU-Kenya partnership will continue to build on achievements made in 2020 in its ongoing areas of cooperation under the umbrella of the Joint Cooperation Strategy. Moving forward, Team Europe and Kenya will work together in an approach to building back better and greener in the Covid-19 response and to developing new strategies geared towards a green transition and human centred digitalisation. The EU-Kenya partnership continues to be underpinned by shared values in their joint programming aiming at human development and growth that leaves no one behind, a condition for peace and stability - nationally, regionally and globally.

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