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Funding for Businesses in Kenya Fact Sheet

07/05/2020 - 10:51

EU Funding for Businesses in Kenya Fact Sheet May 2020

Foreword by the EU Ambassador

The European Union is increasingly trying to use its development funding to leverage private sector investment and support the rise up the value chain of investments in its partner countries. I am delighted that the Republic of Kenya is among these partner countries.

Our toolbox on this co-operation is evolving and more innovative instruments like guarantees are being added as key elements of the European External Investment Plan.

Normally the EU delivers its support through development banks, including the EU’s own bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB). These development banks then sometimes work with and through local financial institutions, including local commercial banks and microfinance institutions. Sometimes they work through
investment funds.

I am aware that for private sector companies and investors, finding out how to benefit from this support is sometimes complex and not always as easy to grasp as it should be. This little factsheet, which is not exhaustive, aims therefore to help you to get a first overview so that you can then follow up more easily on opportunities.

The factsheet makes a distinction between big loans or other financing (provided by the EIB) and EU-supported financing to SMEs or MSMEs (provided through European and other Development Financing Institutions). For the latter group we have applied some grouping per sector.

Of course these instruments keep moving- some funding gets exhausted other funding instruments and sources are added- and we will therefore endeavour from time to time update it.

I hope this is useful for you and we look forward to seeing and celebrating jointly with you the successes of your endeavours!

The EU is firmly committed to supporting Kenya and businesses in Kenya in the COVID 19 crisis. Details of our 300 million euro Covid related support are still evolving and this has thus not yet been included in this brochure. Please follow our website and social media on it.

Simon Mordue,

EU Ambassador to Kenya


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