Delegation of the European Union to Kenya

Kenya, East Africa region and EU working together to strengthen response to terrorism

22/02/2019 - 09:27
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On 21 and 22 February 2019, Kenya hosted a large international meeting, gathering representatives from partner countries in the Horn of Africa and the European Union (EU) in order to discuss criminal justice responses to terrorism. The scourge of terrorism continues to plague the EU, Africa and other parts of the world and constitutes a danger to peace, security and stability.

There was broad agreement at the meeting that international and regional co-operation in confronting the threat are the best way forward.  Terrorists do not respect borders, hence it is necessary for countries, both in the EU and in East Africa, to act together.  Government officials in neighbouring countries have to be in regular contact with each other, so as to be able to quickly activate networks at times of crisis.

EU Ambassador Stefano A. Dejak opened the meeting and underlined the importance of strengthening interagency co-operation and partnership among different actors and counterparts to improve responses against terrorist attacks across borders.  The Ambassador highlighted the important work by three ongoing regional EU-financed projects which support law enforcement & judiciaries in the Horn of Africa region in their efforts to strengthen criminal justice-based responses to terrorism, counter the financing of terrorism as well as prevent violent extremism.  

The two-day workshop in Nairobi followed another event hosted by Kenya, namely the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF) meeting for East Africa, which was held on 20 February.  The side-event of 21 and 22 February was organised with the support of the EU counter-terrorism projects, which are based in Kenya and implement regional activities in the Horn of Africa in support of rule of law-compliant responses to terrorism’.

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