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Maritime Security and the Blue Economy: two sides of the same coin

06/12/2018 - 12:50
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On 28 November, in the margins of the Blue Economy conference, the EU hosted a side-event in coordination with the EU CRIMARIO project.

The EU-hosted side-event in coordination with the EU CRIMARIO project hilighted the crucial link between developing the Blue Economy and maritime security. The meeting was officially opened by Mr Bruno Pozzi, the EU Deputy Head of Delegation.  Mr Pozzi underscored the importance of the EU comprehensive approach for the Horn of Africa and the issue of fighting Somali piracy.  The Deputy Head of Delegation mentioned that there is a continued need to confront piracy, in addition to other forms of maritime crime, such as smuggling of migrants, trafficking in arms and environmental dumping.  The panellists speaking at the side-event commended the EU and the EU member states for their interventions, including EU NAVFOR Atalanta, the EU development co-operation programme for Somalia and the EU maritime capacity-building projects, including CRIMARIO and MASE.  It was pointed out that maritime security and the Blue Economy are two sides of the same coin.  Without a sufficient degree of security, ocean resources cannot be developed.  Whether we speak about tourism, wind farms, fishing or offshore oil platforms, these require a secure environment that is not threatened by piracy or other criminal activity.  Maritime security is therefore a key enabler of the Blue Economy.

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