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European Film Festival in Kenya

17/07/2018 - 07:11
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The European Film Festival in Kenya is an ongoing cinematic programme organised by the European Union Delegation and European countries' diplomatic missions here in Kenya.

The European Film Festival in Kenya is a programme of cinematic and other cultural activities that the European Union Delegation organises in cooperation with European countries' diplomatic missions here in Kenya.

Our main aim is to popularise European cinema and culture in Kenya, by giving as many people here as possible an opportunity to enjoy screenings of European films. Of course the festival is partly about watching films, but it's not only about watching films because many people can do that at home! To us, going out to the cinema should be a social experience - so going to the festival is about being part of an audience, and about enjoying not only films but also side-events such as music, art exhibitions, discussion of the films or related topics, and food and drink.

We also want the festival to encourage the growth of Kenya's filmmaking industry, by providing opportunities such as workshops for Kenyan filmmakers and scriptwriters to discuss and showcase their work. Teaming up with Kenya's filmmaking industry is helping the festival to reach wider audiences, by bringing it closer to other cinematic and cultural activities in this country.

We're keen to strengthen the festival's links further, by partnering it with other film festivals and cultural events that take place throughout the year as well as with businesses here in Kenya:

4-27 May

The annual European Film Festival screened about forty films from around Europe, seven contemporary Kenyan feature films and numerous shorter Kenyan "smartphone" films, animations and virtual reality films. For details, see the 2018 festival's webpage.

17 July

European Film Festival 'Plus' screening at the US International University (Africa) of the "Europe At Sea" documentary, followed by a Q&A session with EU Ambassador Dejak and some of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association.

24-31 August

Slum Film Festival in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Nakuru. This independently-run film festival is now in its 8th year, and is supported by the Embassies of France and Spain. For details, please see the festival website and programme.

11-13 September

Ukrainian Film Festival in Nairobi. Organised by the Embassy of Ukraine and Alliance Française, the festival will feature:

  • Chervonyy (drama, 110 min., directed by Zaza Buadze (2017) - Tuesday 11 September);
  • The Stronghold (adventure/fantasy, 111 min., directed by Yuriy Kovalyov (2017) - Wednesday 12 September), and
  • Falling (drama, 105 min., directed by Marina Stepanska (2017) - Thursday 13 September).

The screenings will be at the Alliance Française auditorium, each evening from 18.00-21.00h.

27-30 September

Mama Afrika Film Festival in Nairobi. This independently-run film festival aims to celebrate and showcase women in the arts, and screens films made by or about women from all over the world. For details, please see the festival website.


Smartphone Film Competition organised by the Embassy of France and Alliance Française with funding from the European Union. For details, see the competition's website.

If you're interested in partnering with or sponsoring the European Film Festival, please contact us at:

or via the festival's Facebook page.

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