Delegation of the European Union to Kenya

The European Union and German Cooperation are co-sponsoring a summit on fair and safe migration

02/07/2018 - 14:08
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From July 2 to July 5, the annual Regional CSO Forum to Promote Fair and Safe Migration is taking place in Nairobi. This year's theme is: Protection of Victims of Trafficking and Vulnerable Migrants.

The annual regional ‘Forum to Promote Safe and Fair Migration’ will be held in Nairobi from 2-5 July 2018. Representatives of more than 30 non-governmental organisations working in the Horn of Africa will meet to discuss “Protection of Victims of Trafficking and Vulnerable Migrants”. The participants will exchange best practices and experiences as well as discuss common challenges and solutions. It is expected that the participants will sign a declaration of principles of practice as a guideline for the support of victims of trafficking and vulnerable migrants in the region on Thursday, 5 July 2018.

The forum is organised by the Kenyan non-governmental organisation HAART, Expertise France and GIZ in the framework of the Better Migration Management Programme (BMM). BMM is financed by the European Union through the EU Trust Fund for Africa and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. The overall objective of BMM is to improve national and regional migration management, and in particular to address the trafficking and smuggling of migrants within the Horn of Africa.

Worldwide, 40 million people are suffering under modern day slavery, estimates from the International Labour Organisation and the Walk Free Report 2017 say. Many of these victims come from the East African region or migrants passing through the region on their way to find jobs and a better life in Southern Africa, in the Gulf States, or in Europe. As they are travelling without the needed documents they are irregular and an easy prey for human traffickers where they often suffer detention, torture, exploitation and other human rights abuses.



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