Delegation of the European Union to Kenya

AgriFI - Support for Kenya's smallholder farmers and pastoralists

20/06/2018 - 11:26
Agriculture and Food Safety

Financing agricultural projects with high development impact


AgriFI (Agricultural Finance Initiative) is a €100 million programme to help Kenya's smallholder farmers and pastoralists supply Kenyan and export markets with high-value products.

Many farmers in Kenya are still struggling to compete in high-value export markets. More than 40% of their French beans production is rejected due to poor quality, and many traditional cash crops (coffee, pyrethrum, sugar, cashew nuts) are declining.

However, there are growing opportunities - in export markets and also here in Kenya - for reliable and high-quality suppliers. With the right support, Kenyan smallholders and pastoralists can grasp those opportunities.

Through the AgriFI Kenya programme, the European Union and its partners will:

  • help to build partnerships between smallholder farmers and small businesses;
  • strengthen the country's Agricultural Training Centres;
  • help farmers to benefit more from the work of KALRO (the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation).

AgriFI Kenya will also encourage agribusiness to be innovative: its main criteria for funding applications will be the impact on farmers' livelihoods, with no restrictions such as which crops or which areas the focus must be on. The idea is to fund projects that have a high development impact, but which would not otherwise have been undertaken on the same scale.

AgriFI was launched on 20 June 2018 and is due to run until October 2024. The EU's contribution to the programme amounts to €95 million (€45 million EU grant, plus a €50 million credit facility from the European Investment Bank), complemented by contributions by Self Help Africa (€2.4 million) and KALRO (€1.5 million). For more of the technical details, please see the action document.

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