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WEB RELEASE: EUTF Cross-Border Project Launch

Nairobi, 23/01/2017 - 11:56, UNIQUE ID: 170123_2
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On 21 January, 2017 EU Trust Fund project with IGAD was launched in Addis Ababa. The project aims at enhancing collaboration for development of cross-border areas in the IGAD region.

21 January 2017


Launch of EU Trust Fund project with IGAD to develop cross-border areas in the Horn of Africa


Today a project aimed at enhancing collaboration for the development of cross-border areas in the IGAD region has been launched in Addis Ababa, financed by the EU Trust Fund for Africa. The total project amount of €63.9 million, of which €400,000 is funded by UNDP, will support planned activities along four cross-border areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan. Aligned with the IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience & Sustainability Initiative, the project Collaboration in Cross-Border Areas will seek innovative approaches to make these borderlands more stable and prosperous.


By supporting national and local governments as well as local communities and the private sector across border areas, as well as through investment in conflict prevention, cross-border trade and private sector development, this project aims to improve and diversify livelihoods and allow shared natural resources to be better managed. Through this support, people living in these cross-border areas – and particularly vulnerable groups such as displaced persons, children and women – will have better prospects and a greater sense of belonging, as well as shared interests across communities and borders.


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