Delegation of the European Union to Kenya

EU Projects with Kenya

12/05/2016 - 11:38

The European Union spends about 100 million euros per year on Development Cooperation that directly benefits Kenya, mainly funded from the European Development Fund.

Together, the European Union and its Member States are the biggest suppliers of development assistance to Kenya. Based on Kenya’s development strategy Vision 2030, the following sectors of concentration have been identified as priorities for European Commission funding:

  • Food security and resilience to climatic shocks
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Accountability of public institutions

In addition the EU provides some funding to Kenya for other cross-cutting activities, such as support to strengthen the National Treasury's role as the national authorising officer of development funding for the country. And Kenya also receives funding from various other EU programmes that address particular topics at a regional (multiple-country) or global level.

Examples of EU-funded projects in Kenya include:

EU support for democracy in Kenya

Protecting and increasing forest cover in Kenya

Case studies

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