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First EU Ambassador visit to Oxford

15/10/2020 - 15:41
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During the first ever visit by an EU Ambassador to Oxford, João Vale de Almeida participated in an Oxford Union debate and spoke at a panel discussion at the Centre for European Studies of St Antony’s College.

Ambassador Vale de Almeida at Oxford

At Oxford Union, one of the oldest debating societies in the world, Ambassador Vale de Almeida spoke about the changes that COVID brought to our lives: the loss of loved ones, of jobs and livelihoods and the changes to established life patterns, like curtailing the excitement of the start of university life for students. He also shared insights about the Brexit process – a topic on which he expanded during the discussion at the Centre for European Studies at St Antony’s College. There he also touched upon the global context in which the EU currently operates and the challenges the EU is now facing.

During his visit, Ambassador Vale de Almeida visited the Bodleian Library. He met Professor Louise Richardson, Vice Chancellor of Oxford University and the first woman to hold this post, and Professor Cristina Dondi, an ERC grant beneficiary.

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