Delegation of the European Union to Kazakhstan

Congratulatory speech of Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Turkmenistan Mr Diego Ruiz Alonso on the occasion of the Constitution and Flag Day of Turkmenistan (18 May)

Ashgabat , 14/05/2020 - 07:31, UNIQUE ID: 200514_1
Speeches of the Ambassador

On behalf of the citizens and institutions of the EU, I have the honour and the pleasure to offer the warmest congratulations to the people of Turkmenistan on this important occasion. We celebrate today the Constitution and the flag of Turkmenistan, two essential elements of the New Turkmen identity.

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the country, the basis that supports the whole legal system and the rule of law, the framework for the functioning of the institutions, the guaranties for the protection of the citizens and their inseparable rights, the guidelines for the progress and development of the nation, the rules of engagement with other international actors while maintaining the sovereignty of neutral Turkmenistan and a carefully design for the society of future generations.

Constitutions are always evolving, have lives to live. Constitutions adapt to times and events. The EU has followed with great interest and satisfaction the evolution of the Turkmen fundamental law and the process of modernisation of the Turkmen legislation. Under the leadership of his Excellency the President of TKM GB, numerous reforms and improvements have been introduced to bring Turkmen Constitution to the highest international level. And there are more reforms to come.

The EU has transited a parallel reform path not long ago. In December 2007, the Treaty of Lisbon was signed. This is an international agreement which amended and modernised the two major treaties which formed the constitutional basis of the European Union. Since then there is a binding legal framework for both, EU institutions and MS and equal rights and freedoms for all EU citizens. Now, we work hard every day to implement those principles, to honour those words written in our laws to make it possible a better and fairer society.

The EU and its institutions, including the European Parliament, and the Council of Europe are ready to cooperate with Turkmenistan in the new wave of reforms; sharing best practices and experiences in law-making is for sure among the prospective areas of the EU cooperation with Turkmenistan. Constitutions give rights and put obligations on citizens and institutions and establish a balance between different powers. This is a very delicate exercise that requires lots of patience, perseverance and prudence. Turkmenistan can look at the EU as a reliable partner when facing upgrading of legislation, implementation of laws, accountability of the institutions and the protection of the legal system for the promotion of the wellbeing of the people of Turkmenistan. 

If the Constitution is the structure that pushes Turkmen people to the future, the Flag is the symbol that unites the people during the march. Nowadays, threats from climate change make green, more than ever, the colour of hope, a better future for all five Velayats represented as a Turkmen carpet that knots one another all citizens and territories. A brilliant future is ahead, and hope and unity is the way forward. Be sure that the EU will cooperate with and support the people of Turkmenistan in this permanent and legitimate human quest for happiness, progress, peace and justice.