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Global Network against Food Crises, Rome, FAO Headquarters

14/10/2019 - 16:20
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Commissioner Mimica - event of the Global Network against Food Crises

Commissioner Mimica participated in an event of the Global Network against Food Crises, which the EU has been supporting since its very launch in 2016. At this occasion, the Commissioner announced an EU contribution of €20 million to strengthen the Global Network's work, which is a follow-up to the €77 million announced at the UN General Assembly last year. This new package will support countries most at risk of a food crisis through dedicated technical assistance. It will further strengthen the Global Network's collection and analysis of relevant data, through real time updates and information on all countries and hotspots at risk of food crises. The Commissioner also announced an EU contribution of €5 million to the African Risk Capacity, to support its innovative insurance products focusing on countries with weaker institutional governance, low economic capacity and prone to extreme weather events.


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