Delegation of the European Union to Jordan


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This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history that has helped transform children's lives around the world for the better.

Amman, November 19- A greater media visibility of the challenges related to climate change, particularly in the Mediterranean area, is the goal of COPEAM (

Amman, November 18- Within the framework of the EU program to support the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to develop an integrated approach in border management and to strengthen capacities to counter transnational crime and enhance trade traffic for Jordanian

Each year, the European Union designates two cities to be European Capitals of Culture. In 2019, the title is being held by Matera in Italy and Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

In 2018, the European Union in Jordan created and funded RISE Talent Contest to promote & celebrate Jordan's youth talent & creativity in different artistic dimensions.

After a successful 1st edition, the initiative is happening again this year, now larger and organized by EUNIC Jordan. Youngsters from all over the kingdom compete in four different categories: playing, singing, dancing and creating.

Freedom of expression, in all its forms, is the very essence of democracy. Only with a thriving, free and independent media landscape, we can hold governments, businesses and society at large accountable. And precisely for this fundamental right, far too often, journalists and media workers are attacked, persecuted, harassed, or intimidated for carrying out their work. Most journalists are not wounded in the heat of war coverage, but suffer violence in our immediate surroundings. In 2018 alone, 94 journalists and media staff were killed in work-related incidents as reported by the International Federation of Journalists. Hundreds more have been subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention without ever having been tried in a court.

With 2019 marking the 40th anniversary of the European Union's presence in Jordan, the partnership between the EU and Jordan remains strong and diverse.

On 24 October we celebrate the laying of the first stone of the most universal multilateral project in history: the United Nations.