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12/05/2016 - 11:23
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Delegation of the European Union to Jordan

The EU is a longstanding partner of Jordan and seeks to support Jordan's endeavour to implement its home-grown plans for political reform and economic modernisation.

The current agenda of EU-Jordan relations is spelled out in the EU-Jordan Action Plan, under the European Neighbourhood Policy. The EU-Jordan Action Plan was adopted for a period of five years on 11 January, 2005. It aims to translate the Association Agreement, the legal basis of the EU-Jordan relationship, into detailed actions, and to help broaden and strengthen Euro-Jordanian relations in various fields.

The EU Delegation to Jordan is one of over 130 European Union Delegations around the world. It plays a diplomatic role in helping achieve political, economic and social reform in Jordan.

The Delegation's mandate includes the following:

  • To support Jordan's role in the region as a positive player in conflict-prevention and resolution
  • To monitor the implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Jordan
  • To inform the public of the development of the EU and to explain and promote individual EU policies
  • To help integrate the Jordanian and European economies
  • To enhance the independence and efficiency of the judicial system in Jordan
  • To work with governmental and civil society institutions on developing key functional sectors in the Kingdom, especially the environment, energy, water, and social and economic support of remote areas
  • To share the EU's know-how to generate sustainable revenue growth and enhance the quality of Jordanian products and service sector
Ambassador Andrea Matteo Fontana

Allow me to welcome you to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a country considered one of the major cradles for ancient civilizations and a present model of peace and stability in the region.

Our mission in Jordan and the bilateral cooperation and financial assistance have targeted so far key political and socio-economic reforms focusing mainly on good governance , economic growth, reinforcing the rule of law for enhanced accountability; employment and private sector development; and renewable energies and energy efficiency.

In addition to the programmed bilateral allocations, we can proudly say that our partnership goes beyond this financial assistance. Jordan is in fact eligible under a wide range of EU thematic instruments as for instance the Partnership Instrument , the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, and internal  programmes, as for example the Erasmus+ programme, which enhances mobility and cooperation with the EU in the field of higher education.

The Kingdom which enjoys an advanced status with the EU since 2010 has gone through various agreements which fall into the mutual interest of both the EU and Jordan. With the Advanced Status agreed under the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan, the opportunities to forge deeper and stronger connections and cooperation are countless. Within a framework of the ENP, the EU and Jordan can now cooperate more closely in terms of trade, development and political dialogue. In fact, the EU has been and will remain supportive towards ongoing endeavors of people of Jordan.

Because the European Union is a project of peace and stability, we strive to stress our commitment to assume a vital role in the country for working for joint fundamental principles through development cooperation and political engagement with our partners.

As the Ambassador of the European Union to Jordan, I am enthusiastic, along with my team, to work closely with the people of this country in enhancing and developing this strong partnership. I come to you, with more than 20 years of experience in the European Commission working on various key economic and political issues in particular in the Eastern and Southern neighbourhood including the Middle East.

Therefore, I hereby invite you to surf our site, contact our staff, as your feedback is much appreciated. I trust that this website will assist you in acquiring the needed and relevant information, and therefore will help you understand the spirit that animates our mission in Jordan.

Thank you for your interest
Ambassador Andrea Matteo Fontana 

Head of Delegation
Mr. Andrea Matteo FONTANA

Head of Politics, Press & Information Section
Egidijus NAVIKAS

Head of Trade & Economic Section

Head of Cooperation
Corinne ANDRE

Head of Contracts & Finance Section

Head of Administration & Management
Annamaria BOTTINI

Assistant to the Head of Delegation

Head of Cooperation, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Iraq
Acting  Head - Matthieu GOODSTEIN

Head of ECHO Amman Regional Support Office

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