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EUAM Iraq led workshop supports the strategic and organizational development of Iraq’s Ministry of Interior

23/08/2021 - 13:30
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On 17 and 18 August 2021, EUAM Iraq convened a two-day workshop in continuance of its efforts to support and enable the strategic and organisational development of the Ministry of Interior.

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Working with the Ministerial General Policy Committee, with the objective of institutionalising sustainable national capacity, the workshop focused on policy design, development, implementation and monitoring. The workshop more specifically addressed corporate Human Resource Management (HRM) policy development. Developing a sustainable institutional policy cycle and framework resulting in a suite of key business and thematic policies remains a priority for the Ministry.

The effective use of policy, and crucially HRM policy, is an essential building block in enabling and promoting good governance, inclusion, equality, compliance, and empowered decision-making in the Ministry. It is also imperative to the Ministry’s evolution and strategic objective of becoming more responsive, more accountable, and more transparent.

Comparative European approaches and practice have provided the framework for contextualising the development and implementation of policy, assuring the relevance and utility of strategic advice.

The workshop complemented the ongoing provision of strategic advice to the Director General (Planning) as part of the Mission’s intensifying engagement to support strategic planning, institutional policy, capacity, and capability development.

The eventual impact of this work will extend far beyond the Ministry. It will be instrumental in enhancing organisational effectiveness, service delivery, community confidence in the Ministry, policing and public institutions.

Conducted at the Joint EUAM Iraq/Ministry of Interior Coordination Centre (JCC) in Baghdad, the workshop was further demonstrative of the Mission’s commitment to supporting Iraqi led reform and strengthening institutional resilience. The JCC platform is integral to advancing the Mission’s core mandate and enabling sustainable reform by ensuring change management is Iraqi owned, led and delivered.

EUAM Iraq led workshop supports the strategic and organizational development of Iraq’s Ministry of Interior

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