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The EU in Chile, in alliance with the Medical College, pays tribute to health workers in Chile fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

10/06/2021 - 08:27
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Through a mural installed on the façade of the Dra. Eloísa Díaz Hospital in the Metropolitan region of Santiago, the European Union in Chile expressed its appreciation to the more than 200,000 health workers across the country who have worked to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 15 months.

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The country's health staff has worked tirelessly to fulfil the needs of the medical network and have been the true "heroes" of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Health facilities and their teams have suffered tremendous losses over the last 15 months. One of these losses has been of Dr. Karol Ortiz from the Dra. Eloísa Díaz Hospital (one of the most important public hospital in Santiago), who fought daily to save the lives of patients going through the hospital's critical care unit. Her figure and legacy inspired the European Union and its Member States in Chile, in alliance with the Medical College (National Doctor's Association), to install a piece of artwork on the façade of the Dra. Eloísa Díaz Hospital in La Florida (Santiago). This artistic intervention illustrates the gratitude and tribute of the European Union and its 27 Member States, in alliance with the Medical College, to the service of the medical teams across the country.

The work of the Chilean artist María Paz Lama is a reflection of women and men who work in the health sector and who have been completely dedicated to meeting the health needs of the population. The composition of the intervention includes a large bouquet of some of the iconic flowers of the 27 Member States of the European Union.

The Ambassador of the European Union in Chile, León de la Torre Krais, stressed that "it is the medical health teams in their daily and tireless work who embody the soul of our motto “no one will be safe until everyone is safe”. We hope that each and every one of those who make up the medical teams of the hospitals feel honoured and that we can somehow project an injection of energy with these flowers and colours”.

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