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Europe stronger and safer thanks to swift and united action on foreign and security policy

19/06/2017 - 09:42
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A year into the implementation of the European Union's shared vision and action plan for foreign and security policy, "we see substantial changes in the way we work together" and concrete results which make Europe stronger and safer, High Representative Federica Mogherini said today presenting the first annual report on the EU Global Strategy at the Foreign Affairs Council.

If "one year ago, many predicted the 'inevitable' decline of the European Union", it is now clear that "the Global Strategy has served as a springboard to relaunch the process of European integration after the British referendum [to exit the EU]," Mogherini said. Thanks to shared political will and a clear strategy, in some areas "more has been achieved in the last ten months than in the last ten years," she added.

This is particularly true in the realm of defence, which has seen the establishment of an EU command centre for military training and advisory missions as well as a European Defence Fund. "Permanent Structured Cooperation" between some Member States could soon become a reality.

In a challenging year for international cooperation, the Global Strategy has equally provided an effective framework for the EU to show leadership on issues that matter to European citizens, including climate change, sustainable development, security, conflict prevention, peacekeeping and global governance. The EU's strong support to the Paris agreement on climate change, the adoption of a first common development policy and the successful implementation of a comprehensive partnership on migration are examples of increasingly close and effective cooperation by the members of the Union, and with the EU's neighbours and international partners, starting with the United Nations. In these areas as well as when it comes to crisis management and counter-terrorism, the EU has also shifted its approach to focus more on prevention. It is part of the "European way" to clearly recognise that "if we want peace, we must prepare for peace."

The success of the EU Global Strategy over the last year reflects the recognition of all the EU Member States of "a very simple truth: in a world of giants and global challenges, we can only make a difference if we stand together as a Union".

Thanks to this unity of vision and action, we "have shown to our partners that the EU will continue to be a reliable global power and a strong security provider", said the High Representative.