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25/01/2017 - 18:10

Europe is a diverse and multi-talented continent.

Europe is a diverse and multi-talented continent. The EU's member states' embassies and cultural institutes in Japan support access to a huge range of European creativity, and the Delegation works with them and other local partners to raise awareness of European culture and cultural diversity.

The main cultural event for the Delegation, EU Film Days, is a unique event showcasing the diversity and distinction of filmmaking in Europe. Films from EU member states are shown over several weeks in Tokyo, sometimes with additional screenings in other cities in Japan. First held in 2003, the event has taken place annually, with increasing success. In 2015, over 11,000 people attended screenings in Tokyo and Kyoto.

The Delegation also hosts occasional public events such as film screenings, concerts, workshops and conferences. Information on these events is on the Events page as well as on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter. Our e-mail news bulletin also carries information on various events that we host or support.

Centrally, European culture is supported through the Creative Europe  programme. The programme, which runs from 2014 to 2020 and has a budget of €1.46 billion, supports initiatives including cultural cross-border cooperation and exchange and initiatives in the audio-visual sector. The European Capitals of Culture scheme raises visibility of European culture, as do awards such as the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage. See here for further information on Creative Europe in Japanese.

A new EU strategy for international cultural work promises to increase the importance of culture in what we do. Early preparations for this are set out in a Preparatory Action on Culture in the EU's External Relations.

'The EU comes to Your School' 2021

EU Delegation and Member States diplomats have visited high schools throughout Japan each year since 2007 to give presentations on the EU and their respective countries under the "EU Comes to you School" project. The objectives are to bring the EU closer to young people in Japan and to raise young Japanese people's curiosity about the EU and the rich and diverse history and cultures of Europe.

Over 1,000 schools and over 462,000 students have participated in the school project.

This year, the project is scheduled to be held on 8 and 9 November.

For details, please see announcement in below attachment.

Announcement (in Japanese only):(PDF)

Thank you very much for your interest in this event.

Registration for 2021 is now closed.


List of schools which took part in the past (2008-2020)

The EU-Japan Friendship Week first started in 2001 as a programme of events lasting for a number of weeks, focusing on public diplomacy, academic and cultural activities.

Since then it has grown into a comprehensive schedule of such events taking place throughout May, June and part of July, both in Tokyo and in Japan's regions.

The aim of Friendship Week is to give the Japanese public a chance to learn more about the EU, its relations with Japan and Europe's history and diversity.

To that end, the EU Delegation organises selected events and activities and sponsors or encourages many others. Traditionally, Friendship Week kicks off with the celebration of Europe Day on 9 May, with numerous interesting, informative and entertaining activities following in the weeks thereafter.

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