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Running green and smart tourism? Apply for EU competitions that reward places where tourism is innovative and respectful of nature

28/04/2021 - 21:51
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The Green Deal, the EU’s commitment to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, and the focus on circular economies and innovation are defining the future of the tourism industry. Two EU initiatives are awarding frontrunners in this positive change and inspiring other destinations to follow suit.

The European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) initiative has been rewarding sustainable practices in smaller tourist destinations since 2007. It is about activities that are beneficial for the economy, for the planet and for people. EDEN singles out such pioneers, committed to European Green Deal objectives and seeking to inspire other European destinations in their green transition practices.



Another competition by the European Commission is the European Capital of Smart Tourism, which is being organised for the third year now. This initiative rewards European tourist destinations for sustainability, accessibility, digitalisation as well as cultural heritage and creativity.

The shortlisted cities will be invited to present their candidature in front of the European Jury, which will select two winners - the European Capitals of Smart Tourism 2022.

Think your activity or city qualifies? Check the following links, apply and help the EU share the best practices and inspire similar action.


For EDEN competition:

#EDEN recognises and rewards achievements in green transformation practices in smaller tourist destinations. Is your destination a sustainable tourism pioneer? Then make sure to take part in the 2022 European Destinations of Excellence competition. Applications are open until 16 June 2021. Find out more about the EDEN initiative & check out the Guide for Applicants:



For the Smart Capitals competition:

The European Commission is launching the competition for the 2022 European Capital of Smart Tourism! Does your city offer innovative solutions in tourism? Then why not apply? Applications for the competition for the 2022 #EUTourismCapital are open until 16 June 2021. The Guide for Applicants can be found at

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