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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

21/08/2020 - 12:05
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ACTED together with the European Union works to provide support to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in the vegetable, spice, and dairy sectors within the Matale District. This project is about K. Perumal who was selected for his potential to expand his spice processing business and provide job opportunities for the women of his village. A man whose entrepreneurial spirit helped him achieve a successful livelihood for himself and others.

Perumal hoped to expand his spice processing business named R. J. Products in Benvulawatta, Kaduwela, Ukuwela. He had many discussions with the project manager of ACTED, Chanaka Gajanayake, regarding his plans.

Initially, lacking access to quality raw materials and new technology he was unable to invest in assets that would help increase and enhance the productivity of his business.

Benefiting from the training provided through the project, Perumal was able to start expanding by first improving his product sterilisation process.

He also improved the packaging process as well.

The project will further support this enterprise by providing new capping and sealing machines along with a new blender, which would help reduce production time.

Perumal currently employs three women from the village, which has provided them with an income to support their families. He hopes to provide more job opportunities with the expansion of the business.

With his dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, Perumal has been able to capture the market by supplying his products to hotels, trade fairs, supermarkets and state-owned retail networks.

His improved self-confidence and entrepreneurial drive through the support and guidance of the project has helped in his achievement of many certificates for his delicious spice products.

Through this development he has the capacity to buy from a range of spice producers in the village.

These combined efforts have led to an increase in profits within the past year helping Perumal to finally realise his dream.

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