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Maritime Security

03/05/2017 - 18:23
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The 'European Union Maritime Security Strategy' is the first comprehensive EU Strategic Framework providing the context and coherence for the EU's diverse and wide array of sector-specific maritime policies and strategies.

Adopted during the 24 June General Affairs Council, the Strategy provides a set of common principles on which the European Union and its Member States can now develop their specific policies and action plans ; it 'tells' the whole maritime story of the EU's strategic maritime interests .

The EU Maritime Security Strategy (EU MSS) covers both the internal and external aspects of the Union's maritime security.

It serves as a comprehensive framework, contributing to a stable and secure global maritime domain, in accordance with the European Security Strategy (ESS), while ensuring coherence with EU policies, in particular the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP), and the Internal Security Strategy (ISS).

An Action Plan to implement the Strategy is expected to be adopted before the end of 2014. Like the EU MSS, the Action Plan will reflect a comprehensive and cross-sectoral approach to the maritime domain, integrating both the internal and external aspects of maritime security.

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"European Union Maritime Security Strategy", adopted by the General Affairs Council on June 24, 2014.

Joint Communication by the Commission and the HR "For an Open and Secure Global Maritime domain: Elements for a European Union Maritime Security Strategy" (JOIN(2014) 9final) was adopted on 6 March, 2014.  

European Council Conclusions from December 2013 called for "an EU Maritime Security Strategy by June 2014, on the basis of a joint Communication from the Commission and the High Representative, taking into account the opinions of the Member States, and the subsequent elaboration of action plans to respond to maritime challenges".

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