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New release: ESDC booklet WHAT WE ARE – WHAT WE DO

24/02/2017 - 09:36
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The second edition of the ESDC booklet WHAT WE ARE – WHAT WE DO has been released. On 23 February 2017, the new publication of the ESDC was presented by Dirk Dubois, head of the ESDC, on the occasion of the alumni conference. The main message is that the European Security and Defence College remains the number one training provider for the Common Security and Defence Policy in the broader context of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

The new booklet describes the structures and procedures of the European Security and Defence College. One chapter is devoted to the training programme for the 2017 academic year (to July). The final pages deal with administrative questions such as how to register for ESDC events.

Mr. Dirk Dubois (Head of the ESDC), Ambassador Alan Bugeja (Maltese EU-Presidency), General Michail Kostarakos (Chairman EU Military Committee) and Dr. Antonio Missiroli (Director EU Institute for Security Studies)

The aim of the publication is to give the reader an insight into the ESDC and its training activities. It provides a good overview of the college's main contributions, such as the standardisation and certification process. The booklet also lists the seconded national experts working for the ESDC with their field of expertise.

Pleased by the ESDC booklet: Dr. Gustav Lindstrom (SWE), Dr. Anna Molnar (HUN), Mr. Andy Trollen (UK)

Jochen Rehrl (ed.): WHAT WE ARE – WHAT WE DO. A manual of the European Security and Defence College. Second edition. Brussels, 2017.

Paper:      ISSN 2443-8197      QW-AA-16-002-EN-C

PDF:         ISSN 2443-8200      QW-AA-16-002-EN-N