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Israeli ministries and agencies receive EU-funded TAIEX events

Tel Aviv, 12/02/2019 - 15:20, UNIQUE ID: 190212_7
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In the first weeks of February and March 2019, Israeli ministries and agencies organise four EU-funded TAIEX workshops to improve and harmonize Israeli practices with those in the European Union.

On 5-6 February the Standards Institute of Israel will host a TAIEX workshop to assist the chemistry laboratory staff of the Standards Institute of Israel with the implementation of the European regulations on food contact materials. Experts from Italy, Slovakia, Greece and Czech Republic will share their experience on implementation of the EC directives on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, such as recycled plastics.  


On 13-14 February, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will receive a TAIEX workshop on environmental regulations for pipelines, tanks, oil terminals, and other organic substances. Experts from Croatia, Italy, Greece, UK, Germany  will share good practices on safety and prevention of accidents.


On those same days, the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety will host a workshop on individual vehicle approval. The aim is to provide advice and share expertise from Spain, Lithuania and Italy with the colleagues from Israel on individual approval, licensing and registration of modified or converted vehicles, based on EC Directive 2007/46 including  modified vehicles for disabled drivers.


A further TAIEX workshop will be held on 6-7 March at the Ministry of Environmental Protection on policy and guidelines for industrial wastewater.


TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission. It involves peer-to-peer technical assistance and policy-support from EU Member States to neighbouring countries, by supporting public administrations in the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation as well as facilitating the sharing of EU best practices. It delivers tailor-made EU expertise in the form of workshops, expert missions or study visits.

The workshops are developed at the request of the Israeli ministries or agencies. It is part of the ongoing cooperation between the EU and Israel under the European Neighborhood Policy and is funded under the ENI instrument. Israel has received hundreds of TAIEX events since it became eligible in 2006.

EU Ambassador to Israel, Emanuele Giaufret said: “TAIEX and Twinning are two programmes where Israeli ministries are fully engaged with us to approximate our respective regulatory systems for our mutual benefit. Such programmes, which can run into millions of Euro every year, reflect the close and important cooperation and alignment of Israel and the European Union in many fields”.


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