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Another Look - Restored European Film Project # 5 12.1-22.2.2017

11/01/2017 - 14:59

Another Look #5

“Another Look – The Restored European Film Project” pays tribute to the endeavors of film archives across Europe, whose responsibility is to protect the audiovisual heritage of their respective countries. Under the aegis of the European Union, and in collaboration with local European embassies and cultural institutes, this project annually presents a selection of films, one from each of its participating nations, all in restored versions and high quality formats. Through these screenings, it hopes to raise awareness to both classic European cinema and the means by which it is preserved.

This year’s program includes eight European films, which will be shown at the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Holon, and Herzliya cinematheques during January-February, 2017. As in previous editions, this present selection is also centered around a conceptual core. Titled “Magnificent Obsession”, the 2017 theme speaks to the continued presence of extreme passionate attachments in our everyday lives. The selected films, when seen through this thematic focus, bring to our awareness questions that have long been related to the topic of obsession: When does passion become madness? When does insanity become norm? Which sacrifices are justified in the realization of our desires and dreams, and which are inherently detrimental? The responses presented herein, though shaped through a European idiom, may not strike Israeli audiences as too foreign, consequently proving the existence of a cultural, and emotional, common ground.

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