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First EU Delegation to RoK Blog Reporters Awarded

Seoul, 04/08/2020 - 05:24, UNIQUE ID: 200804_2
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The first EU Delegation to the RoK Blog Reporters have successfully finished their programme after writing a series of blog posts about the EU and the EU-RoK relations. The EU Delegation to the RoK held a closing ceremony on 26 June and awarded the three best writers. 13 Blog Reporters selected through application and screening shared their experiences for the past 5 months of this activity. “I’ve learned a lot about the European Union, which is the RoK's important political, economic and global partner and was able to talk about it to people around me while acting as the Blog Reporter," said one of the participants. EU Ambassador to the RoK Michael Reiterer shared ideas with them on ways to raise visibility of the EU in Korea and to better engage with the public online as well as offline. 

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