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Italy #UnitedInDistance: food exchange

08/04/2020 - 15:11
From the blog

A local food chain to exchange fresh vegetables helps local producers and those with limited access to food these days


In these times of pandemic, restrictions and confinement, Italian sociologist Luciana Morgera has set up Zero Km Food, a “local food chain” helping the weakest and allowing them to have access to food.

It is basically a group to exchange fresh produce from the vegetable patch, which provides outlets for those who live off the work of the land while installing a sense of solidarity joint responsibility between buyers and producers (vegetable plots, vineyards, fruit, etc.).

The initiative originates from ‘Borsa Verde 3.0’, a food exchange created years ago. Anyone can participate, the only condition is that the food is local, pesticide-free (organic) and traded locally.

Obviously, all exchanges take place in strict compliance with the drastic containment measures decreed by the Italian authorities.

Grazie, Luciana, we are #UnitedinDistance.