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Italy #UnitedInDistance: Helping those in need

07/04/2020 - 12:17
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A neighborhood initiative to buy food for those who lost their jobs due to the outbreak has now spread all over the country


Times are hard during lockdowns, especially in Italy, where you can only go out for very specific needs, like buying groceries. But what if you don’t have the money to buy essential items because you don’t work anymore due to the outbreak?

An initiative to support those in needs started in Naples and has now spread all over the Italian peninsula. It’s called “spesa sospesa” (literally “suspended or hanging shopping”) and it is moved by the same principle of the “caffè sospeso”, or suspended coffee, but applied to food. Basically, a customer pays for an extra coffee when buying their own at a coffee shop, so that someone else who can't afford one, can have it for free.

The initiative started spontaneously among neighbours, but several stores have now adopted it. Solidarity carts to be filled by the customers are made available to their good will. Goods are then distributed to those in needs by the Italian Civil Protection or local organisations.

« If you have, give. If you don’t have, take” - Grazie Italia, we are #UnitedInDistance



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