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Statement of the spokesperson on the situation in Lesotho

Bruxelles, 03/06/2015 - 08:10, UNIQUE ID: 150603_01
Statements by the Spokesperson


Lesotho has undertaken in recent years a number of significant steps towards strengthening and consolidating governance in the country, thereby overcoming recurrent fragility.

Lesotho has successfully held elections that have led toLesotho's second coalition government. The recent "Coalition Agreement for Stability and Reform" and the SADC recommendations set out the framework for the government to implement urgent legal, institutional and security sector reforms, engaging with the opposition and other stakeholders. 

Recently, there has been a deterioration in the security climate and renewed tensions and divisions, which risk undermining the progress made. Citizens need continued reassurance that the rule of law and accountability will be consistently applied and that reconciliation efforts will be pursued.

The European Union is committed to continue supporting specific efforts in this regard.

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