Delegation of the European Union
to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam

About the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei

10/05/2016 - 14:12
About us - structure and organisation

The EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei is based in Jakarta. Its mission is to promote the interests of the European Union (EU) and to build ever closer ties between the EU and Indonesia, and between the EU and Brunei.

H.E. Vincent Piket is the EU Ambassador-designate to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. He arrived in Jakarta on 19 September 2019. Previously he was Head of Division for Relations with Maghreb countries (Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) in the Middle East and North Africa Department of the European External Action Service (EEAS) in Brussels.


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EU Ambassador-designate to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam

H.E. Vincent PIKET


Deputy Head of the EU Delegation

Mr Charles-Michel GEURTS


Head of Political, Press and Information Section



Head of Economic and Trade Section

Mr Raffaele QUARTO


Head of Cooperation Section



Head of Finance and Contracts Section



Head of Administration




Focal Points


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The Head of the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei acts as an Ambassador in both countries.

The EU Delegation is involved in a range of activities with Indonesia and Brunei. Its main roles in both countries are to:

  • present and explain EU policies (e.g. trade, agriculture, fisheries, environment, transport, and health and safety);
  • analyse and report on policies and developments in the two countries;
  • build partnerships with government and other decision-makers, business, academics, media and civil society;
  • promote democracy, good governance and respect for human rights;
  • facilitate trade and investment relations;
  • coordinate and support activities of EU countries;
  • run substantive development cooperation programmes in support of economic and human development, governance, education and environmental protection;
  • create awareness and improve understanding about the EU and promote people-to-people contacts;
  • conduct negotiations.


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