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Farewell Message from H.E. Vincent Guérend, EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei

17/05/2019 - 08:28
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Farewell Message from H.E. Vincent Guérend, EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei


Dear Friends,

As I am about to leave Jakarta and cease my function of EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, I wish to say farewell.

I have spent close to four years in Jakarta since my arrival in August 2015. It has been a very intense period during which the EU-Indonesia partnership has grown very significantly and reached new heights. Our  Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is fully implemented and constitute a solid framework of engagement in many areas of common interest (security, human rights, political affairs, economy, trade, cooperation, environment, fisheries and maritime, etc.).

I had the chance to travel from Sabang to Merauke and from Manado to Kupang and was always charmed and impressed by the warm hospitality of my hosts, the cultural diversity and the beauty of the heritage and nature.

I travelled by plane, train, coach and by car, ojek, bus, MRT in Jakarta. It was always a rich experience to your ride through your fast expanding cities and your scenic countryside. I was overwhelmed by the magnificence of your biodiversity when visiting many national parks in Indonesia and the Temburong National Park in Brunei.

I shared with you moments of joy like during the Asian Games when Indonesian or Bruneian athletes won medals and moments of sorrow after the natural catastrophe which struck in particular Lombok and Palu.

I am particularly happy that the number of Indonesian students in Europe has reached a record level of 12,000 and that a growing number of Europeans are studying in Indonesian universities, also with EU scholarships. I am also very proud that the Europe on Screen Film Festival, which will celebrate its 20th edition next year, has attracted more than 32.000 viewers and has become one of the most popular film festivals in Indonesia. All these achievements are the result of a strong and very fruitful joint work with the embassies of EU Member States and I wish to extend to my European colleagues a special thanks. Together, with my colleagues at the EU Delegation, we are a strong team, Team Europe!

I invite you to keep visiting our website and our social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Sampai jumpa lagi!

Jakarta, 17 May 2019


EU Ambassador/ Head of the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam


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