Delegation of the European Union
to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam

Compulsory traineeship for students at the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam and at the EU Mission to ASEAN

18/12/2020 - 12:53
Traineeships in Delegations

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 January 2021

Are you a university student interested in international relations?  Is a working experience part of your course?  Are you curious to learn more about work of a diplomatic mission and how the EU Delegation represents EU interests and values in Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam and towards the ASEAN?

We offer:

A traineeship of minimum 3 and maximum 6 months for students undertaking a compulsory traineeship as a part of their studies, within the following Sections of the EU Delegation to Indonesian and Brunei Darussalam and EU Mission to ASEAN , starting in April 2021.

Under the supervision and mentoring of a Trainees’ supervisers, these compulsory traineeships will provide a solid and meaningful learning content, notably by the prior identification of the specific skills to be acquired in relation with the studies of the candidates.

  • The Political, Press and information section (PPI) is responsible for domestic and foreign policy political issues, including human rights, as well as for coordinating the Delegation/Mission's press and media activities.
  • The Economic and Trade section (TRADE) is in charge of trade, investment and economic issues, notably in the context of the ongoing negotiation of the EU-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership (CEPA).
  • The Cooperation Section (COOP) manages a comprehensive portfolio of development cooperation programmes with Indonesia and ASEAN.
  • The ASEAN core team (ASEAN) leads and coordinates all activities and engagement with ASEAN, with the input of all sections of the Delegation.
  • A dedicated Counsellor on Environment and Climate (ENV/CLI) feeds on substance and coordinates the engagement on key issues such as climate change, renewable energy, circular economy and biodiversity.
  • A programme Manager (FPI) handles the EU financial instruments that implement public diplomacy activities and events, including economic diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

Main tasks:

  • Support to monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the political and economic situation in Indonesia, both on domestic and foreign and security developments; conducting research and drafting briefings;
  • Attend and report on external conferences and seminars as well as internal meetings of the Delegation to Indonesia and of the Mission to ASEAN;
  • Support to press, information and public diplomacy activities and projects
  • In addition, each intern will carry out a specific research project on a theme relevant to the EU relations with Indonesia and ASEAN, to be delivered by the end of the traineeship.

We look for:

Qualifications or special requirements:

  • Written and oral fluency in English. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is a strong asset

How to apply?

Candidates must apply to the e-mail address and send the following documents:

  • A detailed standard Europass curriculum vitae (CV) (CVs in other format will not be considered)
  • a cover letter describing why you want to participate in a EU traineeship
  • a University letter requesting a compulsory traineeship
  • and an application form

Please mention in the subject of your e-mail: Funded Traineeship - Acronym of the Section

(you may only apply to 1 traineeship per delegation, however based on your profile, the delegation could offer you a traineeship in another section)

Important information to read before applying

Before applying you are requested to examine the dedicated website as well as the general eligibility criteria for a compulsory traineeships (Article 9 of the Decision ADMIN(2017)28 - Unpaid compulsory traineeships for students already residing and studying in the host country).

All costs related to travel inside the country of residence, visa, insurance, accommodation and living expenses must be borne by either the trainee or the University.

Applications from non-eligible candidates will not be considered. After the evaluation of all applications, shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email. In case the selected candidate is not able to present the required documents, his/her candidacy will be rejected.

EU candidates who are already residing in the country of assignment must provide proof that they will be covered against the risk of a pandemic and the costs of repatriation.

The traineeship can only be offered in compliance with the local legislation. In assessing the applications received, account will need to be taken of the current sanitary situation and its effects on traineeship possibilities.

The Delegation informs that even if our Headquarters confirm the eligibility of the selected candidate, traineeships could be postponed, suspended or even cancelled considering the very evolving context of the COVID-19 outbreak in the host country.