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Women in the Central African Armed Forces (FACA)

06/08/2019 - 12:25
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Wednesday, July 31, 2019 celebrated the International Day of African Women, day officially recognized by the United Nations and the Organization of African Union on July 31, 1963.


This point is the opportunity to highlight the Gender dimension in the Centrafrican armed forces place of women in the Central African Armed Forces (FACA).

The FACA are open to Central African men and women. Of 8286 soldiers the rate of women is currently 7.48%. It is expected to increase since the 2018 recruitment plan allowed a target of 10% of the workforce. This is already a reality with the ongoing military basic training (FETTA) which includes 101 women out of 1022 soldiers. In the ongoing military basic training this is already achieved with 101 women out of 1022 soldiers.

The female’s motivation to join FACA is diverse but similar to those of women serving in the other countries around the world: defending their homeland, showing that they are as capable as men and the uniform appeal. 

For those who have baccalaureate level, the possibility to become a Non-commissioned officer (NCO) will later be offered.

In the case of the 40 female recruits based in BOUAR, 17 of them come from BANGUI and 23 from different provinces in CAR. 36 of them will join combat units or staff headquarters, and four of them will work in technical positions such as nurses, drivers and car mechanics.

The 12-week military basic training FETTA, started on June 26th. Supervised by EUTM who support and advise the FACA instructors, it is taking place in both KASSAI and BOUAR training camps.

This week’s training has conducted courses in combat, orientation, signaling and shooting instruction.

Next week, the practical shooting exercises will start.

Launched on 16 July 2016, the EUTM-RCA has so far advised, and trained more than 3,700 men and women soldiers in the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). The aim of the mission is "to make the Central African Armed Forces modern, effective, inclusive and democratically accountable by providing strategic advice to the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, as well as education and training for FACA".

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