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#EUBeachCleanup urges ocean activism in Indonesia

Jakarta, 18/09/2021 - 12:00, UNIQUE ID: 210922_6
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A beach clean-up campaign is currently underway in Indonesia with the aim to boost ocean activism through concrete actions for the protection of our oceans.

#EUBeachCleanup urges ocean activism in Indonesia

A beach clean-up campaign is currently underway in Indonesia with the aim to boost ocean activism through concrete actions for the protection of our oceans. Organised by the Delegation of the European Union (EU), the #EUBeachCleanup campaign in Indonesia culminates on 18 September – coinciding with the World Coastal Clean Up Day – presenting a talk show titled “Together to Protect Marine Life”.

Every year, millions of tons of litter end up in the ocean with a direct and deadly effect on wildlife including seabirds, whales, fish, and invertebrates, as well as corals. “We recognise this dire situation – and we have to act together to tackle this issue. To do this, since last July, we have been in partnership with more than 40 local communities in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua, and from Sulawesi to Sumba, in collecting tons of waste from all parts of beaches in order to protect the marine life,” stated Vincent Piket, Ambassador of the European Union to Indonesia, during the talk show.

The talk show featured a line-up of environmental activists and experts who discussed and shared their views and actions to address plastic waste and marine litter. The speakers include Henriette Faergemann of the EU Delegation, Wijaya Surya of Beach Clean Up Jakarta, Tiza Mafira of Indonesian Plastic Bag Diet Movement (GIDKP), Prof. Jamaluddin Jompa of Hasanuddin University, Ranitya Nurlita of House of Millennials, Devrisal Djabumir of Aru Island Dream School, Hari Kushandarto of RARE Indonesia, Nur Almira Rahadyan of Greenation Foundation Indonesia and Rifat Muharam of Misool Foundation. The talk show was concluded with announcement of winners from a social media competition, who showcased their actions in reducing plastic waste.

Deputy of the Coordinating Section for Environment and Forestry Management, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Nani Hendriati claimed the #EUBeachCleanup campaign supports the national target to tackle waste in ocean by 70% in 2025. That figure could be reached through five main strategies including national movement for stakeholders’ awareness; management of waste coming from the land; waste management in coastal areas and in ocean; establishment of funding mechanism, institutional strengthening, oversight and law enforcement; as well as research and development. “Based on baseline data 2018-2022 from the National Coordination Team for Ocean Waste Management, Indonesia has managed to decreasing 15.3% ocean waste in the past two years,” she concluded.

On 17 September 2021, the EU Delegation together with representatives of the Jakarta Provincial Government, embassies of EU Member States, and civil society groups carried out beach cleaning activities on Damar Island, at the Thousand Islands, Jakarta. These beach cleaning activities have been organised since July throughout Indonesia – and will continue until the end of October.  


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