Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan


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The European Union and its Member States have a comprehensive partnership with India going back more than fifty years. There is no sector of the economy and no aspect of society which has not been enriched by our exchanges. The EU and India collaborate closely on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and in fighting
climate change.

The European Union attaches the highest importance to the cooperation with India in the area of clean energy and climate action.

The EU and India are both working towards a clean energy transition, to become less dependent on energy import and to increase energy security, reliability and affordability of the energy supply. We are strongly committed
to increasing energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy in our overall energy mix. We are strongly committed to tackle the challenge of climate change and to implement the Paris Agreement.

Meeting the needs and aspirations of a rising global population in an increasingly resource constrained world is one of the foremost global challenges we face today. There is an urgent need to find new growth models that allow for the pursuit of economic development in a sustainable manner. In response to these global challenges,

The internet and digital Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are transforming our world rapidly. Both the EU and India have set up their respective digitalpriority policies to harness the new services and networks so that they address global societal challenges, while supporting sustainable and inclusive growth.

On 9 May, we mark Europe Day. The 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration offers a chance to reflect on what European integration means and on the EU’s role in the world. I want to use this blog post to do this from a personal angle, to set out why Europe as an idea and political project is worth defending.