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Launching of the EU-WOP (Water Operators Partnerships) call for proposal

04/02/2021 - 21:35
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The EU-WOP Programme has recently launched a call for proposals for not-for-profit peer Water Operators Partnerships. The Programme, funded by the European Union and managed by UN-Habitat led GWOPA, leverages the demonstrated capacity of utilities to help one another reach the SDGs.

The Specific Objectives of the programme are:

·       Increased access to improved drinking water source and/or sanitation within Beneficiary Partner service areas

·       Improved operational, financial, social, environmental and cross-cutting capacity and performance of the water and sanitation Beneficiary operators

·       Additional finance for water and sanitation operational or infrastructure improvements

·       Strengthened capacity and commitment among partner organizations to engage in Water Operators’ Partnerships beyond the scope of this programme

For info: WOPs are peer support between two or more water operators, carried out on a not-for-profit basis. Through mentorship, WOPs progressively strengthen beneficiary utilities’ capacity and performance on management, financial and technical levels to implement operational and organizational changes that lead to better and more sustainable services.


India and Bhutan are eligible for the call for proposal.


Who can participate:

1 Lead Partner: mentor water and/or sanitation service provider

At least 1 Beneficiary Partner: mentee water and/or sanitation service provider

0-5 Additional Partners: co-mentors, utility associations, relevant local governmental institutions, financial institutions, knowledge and academic institutes, workers’ unions, NGO or civil society organizations, community or private sector entities


Lead Partner must be a water/sanitation service provider that is either a government body or publicly-owned (at least majority ownership), registered and operating in a European or DCI–approved country.

A Beneficiary Partner must be a water/sanitation service provider that is either a government body or publicly owned and is registered and operating in a European or DCI-approved country.


Falling under one of the two call windows:

Window 1: New WOPs in which the Lead Partner and the Beneficiary Partner(s) have no previous partnership history or up to, but not exceeding, one year of partnership history.

Window 2: Recent or ongoing WOPs that build on at least one year of recent partnership history. Such partnership history must have occurred in the last three years.


The Programme has between USD 250,000 and 450,000 available for 20 to 30 WOP projects of 36 months' duration. Proposals can be sent until April 15. 


Full details of the call can be found here. The Call for Proposals Package (EN, FR, ES) can be downloaded in the previous link and here:   

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