Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan

Virtual Roadshow at the European Innovation Zones at CCAMP Bangalore and T-HUB Hyderabad

19/11/2020 - 08:25
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European Innovation Zone in India (EIZI)

What is it?

A European Innovation Zone in India (EIZI) is a soft landing place for start-ups and innovation actors coming from Europe (EU member States and countries associated to the EUs research and innovation framework programme Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe) located in a well-established and strong Indian Incubator and accelerator.

The EIZI has a designated contact person who can “receive and guide” the European innovators who want to explore business and co-creation opportunities in India. In other words, it is a platform from where a first contact person in India will navigate the European innovator into the Indian ecosystem.

What is it doing and offering

The overall aim of the EIZI is to facilitate the matchmaking with European innovation actors that want to explore the Indian ecosystem for business and co-creation opportunities.

The EIZI is based in reputed Indian incubators and accelerators that have strong infrastructure and space, a vibrant ecosystem, connects with corporates/industry/R&D and the ability to provide services for market access, mentors, organise events, delegation visits, and soft landing for European innovators.

The Indian Incubator/accelerator that has accepted to host an EIZI, nominates a contact person that can navigate the European innovator through the Indian innovation ecosystem and address the first enquiries or engage in a discussion on how best to pursue the European-India innovation cooperation. The EIZI contact person will be familiar with both the Indian and European innovation ecosystem and will advise and engage beyond the activities of the incubator where the EIZI is located. In other words, a unique and over time, tailor made professional service for European start-ups can be expected, both virtually and physically. Through the pre-selected EIZI a holistic experience can be offered covering soft-landing measures such as mentoring and co-working spaces; product analysis, research facilities to adapt and make the product, service or technology adapted to local conditions and affordable and reach out to the business and investment community.

From preliminary contacts among creative and like-minded actors, access to market can be facilitated and the possibility to spend time in India/at the Incubators premises, allowing to become more familiar with the Indian innovation ecosystem.


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