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The European Union to participate at the World Sustainable Development Summit

08/02/2019 - 10:12
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The European Union Delegation is delighted to announce that it is a Senior Partner of the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) - the annual flagship event of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), taking place in New Delhi from 11-13 February 2019.

The EU's participation at this event reiterates its commitment to working with India on joint efforts at climate action and using research and innovation towards sustainable modernization, which is one of the key pillars of the new EU Strategy on India.

The highlight at this edition will be the 4th India-EU Water Forum to be held on 13 February, which will present the results of the India-EU Water Partnership (IEWP), through which India and the EU cooperate in the field of water management and exchange best practices in this sector on issues including resource management, regulatory approaches, legislation, governance, and business solutions.

The Forum will include three sessions:

-  a plenary session assessing the current challenges in India and how these can be addressed through the India-EU Water Partnership;

-  a technical session on River Basin Management (RBM) that will include discussions on effective steps towards RBM in India through a joint EU-India approach, including the development and adaptation of economically-viable solutions addressing clean drinking water, wastewater treatment and the monitoring of water quality. Cooperation on research and innovation between the EU and India will also be highlighted, aiming at creating better synergies between policy dialogue and R&I opportunities available under the EU's programme on research and innovation 'Horizon 2020'.

- a business session showcasing successful EU-India business cooperation in the water sector, with an emphasis on the deployment of results achieved under the IEWP as a tool for further EU-India collaboration and successful European SMEs in the Indian water sector

In addition, the EU will participate in two thematic tracks at the Summit scheduled for 11 February; namely Sustainable Buildings in India: Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, Green Cooling and Green Design, and Complementing Grid with Decentralized Solar Energy: How to Support Solar Entrepreneurship.

The first track will address in a holistic way the urgent challenges and opportunities in developing a sustainable buildings sector that is more resource and energy efficient.

The second one will analyse how solar entrepreneurs can be better supported, to further promote the use of solar energy and to contribute to meeting multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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